Our staff includes three master plumbers and can answer your questions. You can always reach a live person by calling our office. You will find helpful and friendly service.

Frequently Asked Questions

My sewer line is backing up, what do I do?

Call the Public works in your city. They will check to see if it is their problem for free. If it is on your side, call McCoy Plumbing to have your sewer serviced.

How do I turn my water off?

Look for a knob or lever. Some houses have them under a sink or in the garage. Some have them underground in the front yard up to five feet from the foundation. The best way is to have a meter key, sold at most hardware stores, and turn off the meter. Call McCoy Plumbing.

My waterheater is leaking, what do I do?

Turn the water off at the top and turn off the fuel source.Turn the electric off at the breaker or turn the gas knob off next to the unit. Call McCoy Plumbing immediately to schedule a repair or replacement.


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